Studio Dannemann
The lighting design perspective


I work in communication about light and lighting.

Etta Dannemann

Dipl.-Ing. Etta Dannemann

My background is in architecture, urbanism and lighting design and I enjoy dedicating myself to projects where all these aspects come together. I’m skilled at investigating the relationship between people with their spatial environment, whether it be on an urban scale or in relation to a specific product.

For five years I worked as an architectural lighting designer at studio dinnebier in Berlin, which specializes in lighting design and product design. I subsequently spent nine months as a Lighting Designer in Residence in the R&D department at Philips Color Kinetics near Boston, USA. Today I use my unique approach to assist engineers, designers and researchers involved in lighting-related projects to communicate better about their projects.

I studied architecture at TU Berlin and TU Kaiserslautern in Germany, worked in architectural offices and wrote a diploma thesis on the human customization of facades and how they influence the ambience in inspiring streets. The relationship between technology, design and social innovation provides ongoing inspiration for my work.