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The lighting design perspective


On December 21, 2018, our publication has been released.


We give back our results to the global light-related community as a free-ebook:


International Survey

Our 30-minute online survey was running around the globe until April 30th 2018.

Online - discussions

We held several international calls among experts to bring different disciplines together and foster the debate around critical topics in May/June 2018.

Project description

“Light Pollution: A Global Discussion” reveals current perspectives and furthers the discussion about artificial lighting and light pollution at international level. The aim is to identify debates and common problems in the field and share them broadly to raise more awareness for the topic. The project has been structured in three phases: 

  1. An online survey, spread in lighting-related, environmental and public realm networks world-wide from March 1st – April 30th, 2018. Please help spreading.

  2. Three moderated online expert discussions via conference calls in May/June 2018

  3. Production and publication of the above: free e-book publication in December 2018, spread in lighting and environmental networks world-wide

Relevance: light pollution – a global public concern?

‘Light pollution’ can be described as the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light at night (see In recent years, public concern about the environmental and health effects of light pollution has increased, particularly in North America, Europe and some Asian cities. These concerns are intensified by scientific insights about the negative ecological effects of light emissions on wildlife and the introduction of LED lighting, which can be bright and disturbing. So far, light pollution has been discussed mainly as a problem of industrialized countries, where illumination levels are already high. Yet, light levels are increasing rapidly in developing countries as light poverty is being combatted. Therefore, we think that it is timely to initiate a global expert discussion that explores the roles of lighting specifiers, researchers, activists, politicians and other experts and actors within the public realm. We have discovered opinions and knowledge from many different countries and learned from dark places as well as very dynamic lighting developments.

Project Team

Dr. Nona Schulte-Römer, Dept. of Urban and Environmental Sociology, Environmental Research Center (UFZ), Leipzig

Dipl.-Ing. Etta Dannemann, Studio Dannemann

Dipl.-Ing. Josiane Meier, Technical University Berlin

Max Söding, Dept. of Urban and Environmental Sociology