Studio Dannemann
The lighting design perspective


Interdisciplinary work on light and cities

Light Pollution - a Global Discussion                  


Out now: we have launched the e-book describing three international expert discussions and a global survey:

My contribution has been concept development, project management, interview design, field access, e-book storyboard concept, e-book production, coordination of graphics and publication management.


Meaningful light - how colored landmark lighting is becoming a political issue

Contribution for Stadt nach 8 - 2017

On this interdisciplinary panel discussion, I have raised the topic of how colored lighting on urban landmarks adds additional meaning and works as a sign of global connection. The topic is interesting to watch as it interferes with different disciplines - city marketing, architecture, lighting, protection of monuments, international, national and regional politics, technological innovations...and more. The conference Stadt nach 8 is organized by Club Commission Berlin e.V.


Future of cities - Scenario planning with Philips Research.


In this research project, structured with the Oxford scenario planning method, I was part of the core team to develop scenarios for the future of cities. The main delivery is a book, providing background about global city development.

My contributions were: workshop participation, text contributions, feedback, leading interviews, agency briefings.


The image of the city - Table moderation at PLDC Cities Forum



Lighting designer in residence program @ Philips Color Kinetics.


During this unique program, I worked closely with the city innovation department at Philips Color Kinetics, Burlington, USA. I offered the knowledge from my application experience as a lighting designer and gained new insights about global lighting researchand lighting activities. I contributed to an internal research publication (PR-TN 2014/00633), the book "Light for Public Space" and other thought leadership activities. Contact with MIT research departments broadend my knowledge regarding cutting edge technologies.

The program has raised my interest in interdisciplinary work with engineers and researchers. See interview here:

070222_beispiel kyoto_weiß_mit elemente Kopie.jpg

Capturing the Street - How user-added details on facades influence the ambiance in creative streets  

Diploma presentation at Design Biennale St.Etienne, 2008

The diploma is an analysis of facades in several creative cities in different countries and has been a summary of my interest toward the topics of design city, life between buildings and lighting.